Hairstyles for Asian women over 50 years old

To choose a successful haircut, a method of styling is real for everyone. The right approach will help accentuate the strengths of the appearance, shading the flaws. Choosing a hairstyle for Asian women is not a difficult task. Oriental women always have thick, strong, shiny hair, brightly outlined cheekbones, and a small face. This greatly simplifies the task. It only remains to set priorities.

Features of the appearance type

The Asian type of appearance has not only the inhabitants of China, Japan, Thailand and neighboring countries. Asians are easy to distinguish in a crowd. Women are characterized by the following features:

  • slanted, deep-set eyes with typical puffy eyelids;
  • their face broad, pronounced cheekbones;
  • heavy chin;
  • lips thin, narrow, inexpressive;
  • skin tone has a yellowish tone;
  • enlarged nose.

The ethnic personality is complemented by gorgeous hair. The hair is usually thick, stiff, and the cores are thick. Shades are predominantly dark, almost black. Hair is naturally straight and has a natural shine. The hair tends to grow faster than that of Europeans. It is the chic Asian hair that often arouses the envy of northern girlfriends.

Recommendations for the choice of hairstyle

When choosing the hairstyle for the owners of the typical Asian features should remember about the peculiarities of the appearance that will have to be corrected. It is recommended not to expose the face excessively. Haircuts of medium length or hair below the shoulders are a good solution. Especially, the hair of Asians is chic, and elongated strands will soften the features, add femininity.

Short haircuts or perfectly slicked-back strands will attract attention to the prominent cheekbones. Absence of bangs or its short length will create an accent on the eyes. A length up to the chin will attract attention to the lips.

Asian women’s hair is characterized by a heavy texture. The strands are strong, thick, stiff, and often have a flat structure. The color of the strands is naturally dark. This imposes the possibility of various changes. Asian-type hair is difficult to color or curl.

It is recommended to lighten the heavy strands with the help of haircuts with a layered structure. Do not forget about the bangs. The hair may be left loose or gathered. Loose structures are recommended: ponytails, wisps, braids. Do not exclude complex hairstyles, which are easy to do with thick long hair.

Hairstyles for Asian women over 50 years old

Suitable haircuts

Short haircuts on girls with Asian appearance are noticed not so often. “Garson”, “Pixie” or “Half-Box” will make the appearance flat, unattractive. Young girls do not miss the opportunity to experiment. Cute appearance, weakly pronounced Asian features, properly chosen makeup help to create an interesting image.

Among the haircuts of shortened length on Asian girls, the best look: a square cut, a bob, “Cascade”. Suitable classic variations, lengthened models. It is recommended to supplement the hairstyle with bangs. Suitable is both a straight thick model with the length up to the eyebrows, and a skewed version with any length. Girls seeking to attract attention, it is recommended to try an asymmetric or double haircut.

“Cascade” on medium hair is the most popular option for Asian women. Such a design of the hair will emphasize femininity, lighten the hair, provide an easy possibility of styling. The hairstyle is usually supplemented with bangs. For this option is more suitable beveled model, but it does not exclude the standard straight cut of the strands on the forehead.

Often Asian women leave their hair in a natural state. This does not prevent them from remaining attractive. Long strands can be trimmed with a straight or shaped cut. Hairstyles can be completed with bangs or do without this element. The increased length of the strands allows you to experiment with styling.

The best options

Asian women’s hair does not lend itself well to styling. This is due to the heavy structure of the hair. By nature the strands are mostly straight. Curl, create volume is difficult. Therefore, loose strands without styling is a common phenomenon.

Asian-type hair keeps its shape well without additional interventions. Care or “Cascade” when styling only sets the direction of the hair. Haircuts with a torn contour are recommended to muss. This will give a fashionable carelessness, will protect from additional tricks in the styling.

The owners of long hair is recommended to change the ways of decorating the hairstyle. Available a variety of designs from braids, wisps, ponytails in all kinds of variations. It is acceptable to try curls and waves. The easiest way to achieve a result: braid the night. In the morning, the strands should be slightly disheveled.

As a festive hairstyle, make a puffed bundle or ponytail. In front, the hair is combed. The design can be decorated with a plait or boucle. To accentuate the femininity will help a few free strands released on the sides of the face.

Stylists recommend to think about the parting. A straight line in the center is often made with straight hair. An oblique parting will create asymmetry, which balances the proportions. The backlash will set the accents, drawing attention to the chic hair.

Celebrity Choice

Asian women have a wide variety of hairstyles to choose from. Some popular choices include:

  • Long, straight hair: Many Asian women have naturally straight hair, and many choose to keep it long. This can be worn down or styled in a variety of ways, such as in a ponytail or bun.
  • Bob: A bob is a short, chin-length haircut that can be layered or blunt. This is a versatile style that can be worn straight or wavy.
  • Pixie cut: A pixie cut is a very short haircut that is typically cut close to the head. This style is often popular among Asian women with fine or thin hair.
  • Updo: Many Asian women choose to wear their hair up, often in a bun or chignon. This style can be dressed up or down and is perfect for formal occasions.
  • Bangs: Many Asian women choose to add bangs to their hairstyle to frame their face. This can be a great way to change up a look without cutting a lot of length off of your hair.

Ultimately, the best hairstyle for an Asian woman will depend on her individual features, hair type and personal preference. It’s always best to consult with a hairstylist or a hair expert for the best advice.

Different haircuts and hairstyles are suitable for Asian women. Women more often prefer to emphasize their gender with long hair. Her hair allows ladies to experiment with hairstyles, which is successfully done by most owners of Asian appearance.